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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vermont YouTubes of the Day

Here are two videos taken on a road trip to Canada. Not sure if any of these guys are actually from Vermont, but in the first video, they're driving through Vermont.

Video #1: Where in the world is Jim Misenti? And why couldn't he join this leg of the road trip? We'll never know.

Bonus video #2: A short but appetizing video clip of poutine.

These videos remind me of Found Magazine. I often don't know where they're from, or who made them — I like them because they're little windows into peoples' lives. I talked to Found founder Davy Rothbart a couple weeks ago, and he said he likes "the mystery" of found notes. "It’s just a fragment of a story, and it’s up to you to finish the rest of it," he says. "There’s some kind of magic in trying to fill in the blanks.”

These videos are like that, too, only it's usually a little easier to fill in the blanks. You get more clues.

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