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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why are workers leaving the Burlington Free Press?

Kevin J. Kelley asks the question in today's Seven Days.

Feel free to discuss the story here, since we don't allow comments on our website yet.

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I worked at BFP for 4 years. It started out as a job I loved and I ended up leaving with it being one of the worst jobs I ever held.
My job started out as an assistant. By the time I left, BFP had gotten rid of the production department and I was now proofer, email customers, typesetter and had control over graphic artist. I (among others) had to pull one week in production laying out the paper...which we got 2 days of training for and none of us had any experience. We were also required to handle reception and do orders and layouts for marketing. We also layed out all the special sections and those weeklies. All these extra positions were because they let people go or people quit and they did not hire replacements. All for no extra money by the way.

Posted by: Steph | Sep 23, 2007 7:53:39 PM

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