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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Audio Slideshow: The Strand Theatre

Img_1314 It's been a few weeks since Mike Ives and I made this audio slideshow about the Strand Theatre in Plattsburgh, NY. I was just looking at Google Analytics, and I noticed that not nearly enough people have watched this slideshow, given the effort that we put into it.

It's pretty cool, actually. An arts organization is restoring this old theater in downtown Plattsburgh. Check it out.

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You're right, it is an excellent video. I enjoy the way you edited it, and enjoyed the photos you selected.

Posted by: Andrée | Oct 24, 2007 1:48:47 PM

Hey, thanks!

Posted by: Cathy Resmer | Oct 24, 2007 1:56:59 PM

Good work Cathy. I hope you do a follow up and capture some of the comments of the tradesmen who are involved in restoring it. Electricians, plumbers, painters, etc, they very rarely get to work on a project with this much community prestige. Might be neat if a talented team of Burlington restorers volunteered a weekend or two to help out.

Posted by: Richard | Oct 25, 2007 12:06:26 AM

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