Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nina Gaby Studio and Gallery

Dscf6310Yesterday I finally made it to the Nina Gaby Studio and Gallery in Brookfield (that's a long "i" in Nina — "N eye na" not "neena"). I had wanted to swing by this spring for the Divine Devotion show, but Brookfield is, like, an hour away, and I just couldn't find the time. Fortunately, some of the shrines and dolls and things were still on display, along with a bunch of bizarre clay masks.

Dscf6323_1I took a bunch of pictures, but unfortunately forgot to get artist names to go with them. So if you want to find out more about these captivating works, you need to contact Nina or visit her quirky little one-room gallery. It's around back of her house, next to the Green Trails Inn. If you like semi-creepy devotional art, it's worth the trip.Dscf6336_1

Dscf6339If you're thinking about going out there, you might also want to check out the nearby Floating Bridge, and Vermont's oldest library. My family also stopped in Williamstown, at the Spider Web Farm.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

The John Woodruff Simpson Memorial Library

Dscf6100_1Q: Why should you get in your car and drive to the North East Kingdom to see this tiny little library in the middle of nowhere?

A: Because where else in Vermont can you see an ostrich egg, a blackened monkey skull, an eyeless jaggedy jawed pirhana, a complete bible that fits in the palm of your hand, and a fan from "Biskra, a city in an oasis in the desert of Sahara?"

Dscf6162_1Actually, those are exactly the kind of things you'd find at the fabulous Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury, but the John Woodruff Simpson Memorial Library is so much more intimate. And it was founded by Jean Walker Simpson, a wise and feisty woman would ride around Craftsbury Common in her horse-drawn chariot on Old Home Day, while wearing a Roman toga.

Dscf6211I got to spend a morning last week visiting the library and getting a tour. My story on the experience is out this week. I highly recommend taking a day trip to East Craftsbury to see this place. I definitely plan to return.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Real VT: Overheard conversation in Uncommon Grounds

Sitting in Uncommon Grounds on Church Street in Burlington, drinking coffee and working on my laptop online. I'm in one of the window seats, facing the street. And yes, there is a free wireless signal here, though I'm not sure where it's coming from.

A 19ish or twentysomething woman is sitting behind me, also apparently using the signal. Suddenly a digital pop tune I've never heard starts playing. It's her cell phone. She answers it and says:

"I totally just myspaced you!"


"Nothing, I'm just coffeeing and interneting downtown."


"Not much. I was just checking email and myspacing."


"I don't know what I'm going to do. I might go to the gym. I'm about to go check my work schedule for next week."

There was more, but nothing else worth taking up space here.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame!

An account of the Montpelier Mountaineers' opening day, from Chris Fells at From the News and Sports Desk:

Recreation Field is set back off of Elm Street, in a residential area of the city. The parking is limited, so there are always shuttle busses running from various parts of town. The park itself is one you would expect to see back in the days of baseball where there wasn't a steroid controversy, and astro turf wasn't even a thought. The park seats about 1,500 or so in one of those old fashioned covered grandstands. On many nights, you can catch fans sitting on lawn chairs down the first and third base side, which gives the kind of homey feeling to the park. Of course, one can still get their fill of hot dogs, chicken dinners, and every piece of merchandise one can eat, or wear for that matter. The park itself is surrounded by the trees that have made Vermont so famous. Being in such a wooded area makes you step back a bit, and really enjoy kicking back with a hot dog and soda(No beer, this is a family friendly environment.) and watching some good baseball.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Governor Vetoes Gender Identity Bill

Yep, Governor Douglas vetoed the gender identity bill that passed both the Vermont House and the Senate with tri-partisan support. I'm sure there will be more about this in the news in the coming days — I just came from a rally/protest/press conference at RU12? Queer Community Center. Lots of activists and pols there, including B-town mayor Bob Kiss and Reps Bill Lippert, Jason Lorber and John Tracy.

I know this isn't my usual blog fodder; I'm updating on this because I posted about it before and wanted to follow up. 

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday Deadline Linkdump: Real Vermont edition

When I started 802 Online, I had this notion that I could use Vermont blogs to give people a better idea of what Vermont is really like down all those back roads that lead off into the woods. I thought of it as a kind of antidote to "the Vermont brand."

I haven't given up on that idea, but it's actually pretty difficult to find many dirt road type stories. I keep looking, though. Here's lookin' at you:

Love Suddenly: from Vermont Diary.
Hosta takeover: by the Mad Linguist of Viridis Monster.
Satan's Rockin' 666 Eve: Details from Burlingtonian Matt G. Paradise.
Full-Screen follies at a Vermont videostore: from Daily Routine.
Bluebirds at Dorset Farms: via Dorset Farms Neighborhood.
Alison gets her new book: via DTWOF: the Blog.
Pictures of birds: via Dohiyi Mir.
Sunday: via Now Norma Knits.
Power outage in Bethel: via Abada Abada.
Rollerblading on the bikepath: via 8th Nerve.
Rainville and Tarrant: via Green Mountain Daily.
Kid skiing at Jay Peak: via YouTube.
Dumb nameless drunkards: via YouTube.

This kind of hyperlinked snapshot is limited only by what's out there. Or what I know is out there, anyway. The more voices, the more diverse and more accurate it is.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Real VT: Bartering for syrup

Greg from Pages Within bartered MP3s for syrup.

So, last week marked the height of sugaring season here in Vermont, and that meant that everywhere you drove in the state you could find smoke billowing from the sides of mountains, where it before seemd impossible that houses even existed. As I rode my bike to school last week, I could swear I could smell cooking sap mixed with woodsmoke everywhere.

Ah, Vermont.

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Real VT: Basketball Online

Dscf4541Vermont doesn't have any big name pro sports teams, but it's about to get a pro basketball team. Sports Illustrated contributor and Cornwall, Vermont, resident Alexander Wolff is organizing an ABA team dubbed the Vermont Frost Heaves. The Frosties? Heaves? will play at the Aud in Barre and at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington.

You've probably heard Wolff on VPR or seen him in the news. He's been at this awhile. One of the interesting little twists in this tale is that he's using the Internet to engage fans in his quest to put the team together. Says the Frostbite's website:

As the Frost Heaves' founder, Wolff will file regular, insider dispatches to Sports Illustrated and about the birth and life of the team. Any fan who joins the Bump in the Road Club will get those updates by e-mail, and can vote over the Internet on select team matters. Eventually play-by-play of Frost Heaves games will be streamed over the Web, so people all over the world can follow every twist in the team's fortunes.

The Frost Heaves model is built for both the 21st century and Vermont: part reality series, part high-tech demonstration project, part New England town meeting, part local hero. In other words, a lot more than your typical pro basketball team.

On Monday, Wolff is letting b-ball fans vote on the Heave-ho's coach. To receive a ballot via email, you need to sign up for the Bump in the Road club. In an email, Wolff says fans will probably have 48 hours to vote once the ballots go out. Gotta be signed up by 3 pm Monday to participate.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Real VT: Seedlings

Spring. From the good folks at Old Shaw Farm in South Peacham.Cucumber

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Real VT: a blogosphere wedding

Bill_and_emilyBill and Emily are getting married and of course Bill announced it on his blog.

Writes the intrepid Candleblogger: "We'll be starting a web site for details and probably a blog as well when things start happening. I'll post here when that happens."

So much for those engagement announcements in the newspaper. Congrats!

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