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March 26, 2008

Happy Dance

If you are not happy after watching this video then you are made of steel.

Leslie Hall, you may have met your match...

Not happy, nor made of steel. Sadly this just made me think of all the folks out there who would enjoy watching a young boy prance around in his underwear for all the wrong reasons. I guess I'm just a paranoid parent. My niece nicknamed me "Uncle Safety" for a reason.

Now Leslie & the Lys! (Cathy's previous Blurt post) Man I love her! What an original character.


Does he say, "Eat, eat, drink, get drunk" at about 44 seconds in?!

Video camera = parental torture device

I'm so relieved that my parents didn't own a video camera in 1985. That would totally be me right now.

Hell, that was me in my living room LAST NIGHT, dancing around like A Chorus Line reject.

Good call Uncle Safety but how can you deny the PURE JOY and FABULOUSITY of this brilliant performance? Me thinks Leslie would christen his tightie whities, that is how awesome he is.

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