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April 29, 2008

Before he leaves, they let the intern speak

Photo_28 It's my last day as an intern and someone suggested I might have a bit to say here. This didn't happen until after being given a thank you gift so I think that makes it a bribe, but fortunately I'm not above such things.

I've only been here for one semester and in ways it was an experiment. Could the people and the office behind a fun, cool, alternative newspaper actually be interesting or would it turn me off from wanting to be involved in that scene? The answer, which lets me continue to imagine a certain future for myself, is, for the most part yes. Much like science class, the experiment wasn't entirely fun. The work itself was mundane, the greatest strain came in finding a new way to move my wrist while still hitting the same keys over and over. Inputting events, videos, and links, throughout the day is not, surprisingly, interesting. So, the work as an intern, not my ideal. But once again, I'm not above things like mundane work to get involved with something better.

What made the whole thing worthwhile was that the people are fun, funny, helpful, and sometimes most importantly, acknowledged the work was boring while being grateful. I've worked at a movie theater for a few summers, and it makes a difference when people don't assume you are content with simple repetitive tasks. Dan Bolles gave me advice on writing reviews, I learned some level of functionality with website stuff, and I got to enjoy (suffer?) the rambling and active humor of the sales department, the last place I had expected such fun. If I had guessed beforehand, I would have ventured their laughter would center around inside jokes involving sale-pitches and bad puns.

In general I discovered that there is the possibility of a post-college life that is not filled with boring despair; that I can continue doing most of the things I enjoy now while replacing classes and work I pay for with work that pays me.

Between right now and that moment is, of course, the horror of finding a job that pays enough for me to have a roof of some sort and edible food. I expect, however, that this pleasant post is enough a bribe of my own to conjure a worthwhile recomendation.

Best of luck, Patrick! I'm so glad you enjoyed the sales team's incessant and juvenile back and forth of "That's what she said." If we've passed anything along to you, I hope it's that.

(That's what she said.)


Thanks for being our minion!

We'll be watching you to see if you write any unflattering thinly-veiled fictional portraits of us in your novels.

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