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April 07, 2008

College Is Hard

Back in the 20th century, when media geeks like me goofed around in college, we started irreverent campus magazines. Nowadays, clever college kids make videos and put them on YouTube.

This is episode 1 of College is Hard, "a new comedy series about four guys dealing with college in ways they probably shouldn't." We see them complaining about cafeteria food, scheming ways to ask out girls and hanging out in a dorm room playing video games.

In other words, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thanks, Max Resnik, for sending this along. Max wrote CD reviews for Seven Days (just like his pop, Robert) before he left to go to Skidmore College, which is where this was filmed.

Go Max!

Holy crap. That was really funny! I actually L'd OL twice:
"The difference between me and him...?"
"You could kiss me?"

So deliciously offensive. Well shot and edited, too.

Thanks everybody. Make sure to stay tuned for episode two in a couple of weeks, and make sure to watch parts two and three too!

Pt. 2:
Pt. 3:

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