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May 29, 2008

eState Plenary

More live blogging from the eState Symposium.

The afternoon plenary session features three Champlain College students who basically outlined the various ways they use the internet.

Joel Pelletier: He described how he plays board games online with his girlfriend, who's in Massachusetts, how's it's important to have a shared social interaction when you're far apart. He also talked about using wikis to keep in touch with friend over the summer. "It's just another way for us to get together," he says.

My own observations re: games — my partner is a Scramble-playing fiend on Facebook, and she's the absolute last person I would have ever expected to play games online. She used to be an organic farmer!

Allison Seffels: Allison talked about Facebook, and displayed her Facebook page for the audience. Brave girl. She explained how she uses Facebook to organize the Champlain kendo club.

She got a question from the audience about privacy concerns — specifically, "do you have any?" She said yes, they talked about it at a hall meeting at the beginning of the year. But her response is basically that if you manage the settings on your Facebook account, you're ok. I think this is an incomplete answer. It doesn't get to the root question, which is, do you have any concerns about putting your private data into a system owned by Facebook?

Robert Wiltbeck (I think that was his name...): Robert talked about his Livejournal blog. "Blogging is a very helpful thing for people. A lot of people find it theraputic to just vent about their days and what not."

No, there was nothing earthshattering here, but the students were lively. And I bet that was the first time that some of the folks here have actually seen what a Facebook page looks like.

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