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May 16, 2008

The Hottest Thing on Eight Wheels

Slayer For those of you who don't know, there's a new sport in town: roller derby. Okay, it's actually an old sport, but it's making a comeback all around the country. A&E television even had a reality show called Rollergirls, if that gives you an idea of its budding popularity.

The 23 women athletes of Green Mountain Derby Dames are busting their asses at practice three times a week, then taking the community by storm, trying to build awareness, recruit skaters and raise funds to make our first bouting season happen in 2009. Most of us are relatively new skaters, but some of us were roller queens in the eighties, ice hockey players or just general all-around amazing athletes — like Star Slayer. Check out this photo of her, snapped by Adam Baisley down on the waterfront.

She freakin' ROCKS. Do you need another reason to love derby?

If you want to support the Green Mountain Derby Dames, consider yourself (and your twenty closest friends) invited to our "fun raiser" on Wednesday, May 28 at Higher Ground. We sold enough tickets to secure the ballroom, so we'll have plenty of room to put on an awesome derby demo for the crowd! You can also see three bands, Bone Cobra, Party Stay and Y69. Plus, we'll have raffles, meet-n-greet with dames and more. Tickets are $15 in advance, and you can get them at the Higher Ground box office, online or by asking one of your friendly local derby dames. Friend us on MySpace!

Skates and laces,
Ms. Candy Corn-ary
(or, as my Seven Days colleagues call me, Allison)

Literally busting our asses- well, mine anyway;)

Candy, great blurt! Hope your knee's healing up!

Spanks for the props Candy! Derby is the best so people should definitely come check us out on the 28th!
Adam is an amazing photographer! More pics from him on my myspace page:
Have a great weekend!

You are right Candy - WE DO RULE!! Come see how much on May 28th at HIGHER GROUND. Be ready... we're gonna take Vermont by storm!

Y'all will be cryin' yourselves to sleep if'n you miss this one, keeds.
Buy tix from us, or if you've been mauled by piranhas an' are unable to actually attend (rilly, th' only legit excuse), bring us some frozen peas next time y'see us out 'n about.

(Bagged peas make excellent icepacks...heh.)

Hellz yeah we DO kick ass. We have been bustin' our humps for 4 long months; peeps better get out there and get tix. Or we'll skate you down and booty block yo asses!!!! This is the best thing to hit the Green Mnt state since sliced bread from Klingers. Come and see the Dames skate there stuff to some kick ass local bands.


(don't be late you'll miss OUR movie!!!!)

Lumps n' Bumps,

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