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June 27, 2008

Live Blogging Chew Chew Fest: Catfish Tacos

This weekend, a slew of Vermont restaurants are hanging out down at the Burlington Waterfront for The Green Mountain Chew Chew Fest and dishing up some of their hottest dishes.

Over the next few hours, I'll be sampling a bunch of small plates (and handing out copies of our beautiful, new 7 Nights Guide to Restaurants and Bars), and blogging about the chow.

Entry to the event is $2, and tokens are 9 for $5. All of the food items cost either 3 or 4 tokens.

For breakfast, I decided to have a catfish taco with spicy Creole sauce from Bueno Y Sano, and it proved a delicious choice. The catfish was crisp, the corn tortilla warmed through, and the sauce, well, spicy. The taco was topped with chunks of onion and tomato, as well as skinny strips of crisp lettuce and cilantro.

If you don't like hot stuff, ask them to give you a smallish squirt of the salmon-colored Creole topping. Mine came with a generous zig-zag, and my mouth is still tingling. On the strength of this item, I plan to grab lunch at Bueno y Sano sometime very soon.

More soon...

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