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June 19, 2008

Update on Chen Candidacy for Lt. Gov

We have an update to the news "Fair Game" broke yesterday, that Democrat Rep. Harry Chen (Mendon) was considering a run for lieutenant governor against incumbent Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie.

Chen's been in the White Mountains for a few days — perhaps conferring with a mountain sage — and unreachable by phone or e-mail. Until now.

Chen e-mailed "Fair Game" this morning around 7 a.m. with the following on his potential bid: "I've been out of town and out of touch in the White Mountains. I would say the bid is under active consideration at this point."

There ya have it, folks.

Democrats, including gubernatorial hopeful Gaye Symington, seem enthusiastic about Chen's potential candidacy. Apparently some read her comments in yesterday's "Fair Game" to be an endorsement for Chen as a running mate and the announcement of a ticket. Not so, says spokesman Michael Carrese. It's Chen's decision to make, though she certainly thinks him a worthy ally should he decide to throw his stethoscope into the ring.

Even folks in GOP circles are excited about Chen's bid. Why? They see Dubie as a safe bet for reelection and believe his Mendon seat could land in the "R" column.

Democrats were caught flat-footed when universal-health-care champion Dr. Deb Richter opted out of challenging Dubie a month ago.

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