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August 28, 2008

Dem. Convention: VT Coverage Round-Up

Sick of the Democratic convention yet? Kevin Kelley isn't the only Vermont blogger in Denver this week — not by a long shot. Here are a few links to other Vermonters covering the festivities on the web:

  • Green Mountain Daily: This Dem group blog gets the prize for most posts, I think. They've also garnered the most media coverage. Here they are being interviewed by a reporter from Portfolio magazine. This is a pretty fun video, btw. The reporter asks GMD blogger Christian Avard: "Do you think you'll ever eat the mainstream medai?" His response? "I think we are eating the mainstream media." True? You decide. They do have a ton of material from the convention on their site. You go, GMD.
  • Former Governor Madeleine Kunin is blogging at the Huffington Post.
  • The Deal in Denver: Seven Daysie award-winner Philip Baruth is blogging at this Burlington Free Press site. Check it out — Baruth with comments! He doesn't allow 'em on Vermont Daily Briefing.
  • GMD contributor JD Ryan has some videos up at his blog, Five Before Chaos.
  • He's also posting videos to Exit Voices, the VCAM-sponsored elections blog that Seven Days collaborated with last March.
  • Here's another one, the blog of the Orange County Democrats.

Thanks for the hat tip... as to "eating," well, Christian also works in the "traditional media" (I don't like "mainstream" because it implies new media is somehow outside the mainstream), so I guess that gives him license to be kinda blunt that way.

I would just say that blogging and journalism are different things, and where there often is overlap, a lot of the overlap is superficial. Sometimes, "citizen journalism" happens, but for a hobbyist like myself, it can be hard to plan for it. After all, I'm afraid my family doesn't even remember what I look like anymore.

But I remember Cathy encouraging me to try and "crossover" by attempting to join the VT Press Association. Sounded like a good idea at first, until I thought about it for a minute. I'm not a journalist, I'm a blogger. Those lines blur even more as bloggers increasingly find ways to professionalize what they do, but that's not likely to happen in a pool as small as Vermont.

I'll add, though, that I don't really agree with Christian's sentiments. As I alluded to on a post earlier in the week, I think there's a real confluence of traditional and new media in play this week in Denver. It's making for an interesting symmetry that works to the advantage of both media, and it makes it harder to draw a line of demarcation in regards to who's "eating" who...

Good luck trying to join the VPA — they don't even have a website. And we still haven't had the VPA awards... for 2007!

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