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August 02, 2008

Stop Mo in St. Albans

I got an message on YouTube from a high school kid named Milo is St. Albans telling me about his YouTube channel Miloboy1.  I am a sucker for stop motion so I enjoyed this little ditty:

Even better is "Hows hey or something" (below) which is a compilation of summer 2008 including a frog, skateboarding, fireworks, more stop mo and a whole hell of a lot of VT good times: 

Videos like these make me wish I had a digital video camera, a non-linear editing system and YouTube when I was a bored Vermont teenager. They capture that delicious summer feeling of aimlessness, excitement and creative festering that I remember too well. 

These are awesome!

Agreed, I'd like to think I would have made cool videos like this if I had had access as a teen - but sadly, I probably would have been one more girl lip syncing crap on YouTube.

Ah well, it is probably for the best I had to grow up before I could do that.

yay! thanks for the posting, we do love attention. i really hope more high school kids start making little videos with their friends. Its really fun, it's a great way to document your time, and it kind of suggests that other people can have fun and be creative with just a camera. yay youtube magic! thanks again, and keep a look out for new videos real soon.

Your videos are really good! They bring me back in time to those loooooong summer vacations and good times hanging out with friends in the backwoods of VT.

And the sky POV skateboard shots are awesome! Nice use of duct tape! I hope you get more YouTube luvin' as you richly deserve it. Looking forward to what videos come next!

Awesome vids. I'm totally posting these and showing them to my film students. You guys are inspiring.

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