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September 03, 2008

2 Vermonters Arrested During RNC Protests, According to Eyewitness

Two Vermonters were arrested Monday during protests at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, and are still in jail, according to a friend and fellow protester who took part in the demonstration.

That's the word from Kylie (she declines to give her last name), a 19-year-old University of Vermont student who spoke with Seven Days by cellphone this afternoon from the RNC. Kylie said she is attending the convention with four other Vermonters. One of the students who was arrested hails from the Northeast Kingdom and attends Vassar College, she said; the other is a recent UVM graduate.

According to Kylie, the arrests happened around midday on September 1 after a group of protesters staged a "lock down" — with the help of "lock boxes" — at an intersection. After police arrived, she said, protesters were "cornered" by bike and riot police and told to "get on the ground" and put their hands up. Some were pepper-sprayed and searched without a warrant, she said. Those who self-identified were released, Kylie said; those who didn't were taken to jail. She said her friends are currently being held on $1000 bail.

Kylie is planning to file a blog post for Seven Days when she finds a computer. "Things are starting to quiet down a little bit," she said. "But definitely a lot has happened in the last three days that we can tell you all about."

1. "Kylie" is not attending the RNC. She is in St. paul, MN where the RNC is being held.

2. "Kylie" was blocking traffic, was ordered to leave by the police and didn't, hence the arrest (for those who would not identify themselves).

Get the facts straight before attempting to inflame.

Thanks for clarifying #1, "NOTKYLIE." Regarding #2: I'm summarizing what Kylie told me, and your point adds context.

As to your charge: I'm not attempting to "inflame," but rather to explain what's going on.


dear 'notkylie'
actually,to clarigy, kylie was not blocking traffic. she was with a separate group, and at the time of the arrest, they were doing nothing but walking down the street. please see democracy now and indymedia for accurate and up to date reports of police instigated violence and pre-emptive raids of demonstrators, media and others... maybe you too will be inflamed...

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