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September 25, 2008

Mr. Ding-a-Ling

Summer_2008_409 Every Wednesday, the Mr. Ding-a-Ling truck rolls down South Champlain Street and stops in front of our office. I bet this dude makes at least $20 a trip just from Seven Dayzers.

I took a picture of a bunch of us lining up yesterday for our frozen treats. I always get a Chocolate Eclair. That's Alice Levitt smiling at the camera. Bob is at the window, Ryan and Diane are still trying to decide.

This might have been Ding-a-Ling's final visit for the season. See you again next year, MDAL. Hopefully you'll switch to Friday afternoons in 2009...

God I hate Mr. Ding-a-ling! I live in a very suburbany neighborhood in the new north end and I have a three year old boy. I can hear the "Small World" tune coming toward my house for a long, agonizing time... creeping up with it's carny-like arythmic noise louder and louder...Making my mind race with questions like "has this guy been background checked?" and "How can this kind of daily harrassment be legal?" and worst of all "Is my boy going to beg me to buy him a ice-cream? Has he had too much sugar today? Will I be an anti-hero in his eyes if I refuse?"

But I have to refuse... because I know that fucker will be just back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next- haunting my existence. I can't buy the boy an over-priced ice-cream every single day. But the guilt is there nonetheless.

Damn you Ding-a-Ling!! Damn you!

Agreed, turn off that damn tune.

I hate the song when Ding-a-Ling is driving by my house, but I find it strangely compelling when I'm at work — the siren song of freezing, chocolate-y freedom.

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