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September 26, 2008

Non-Linear Aquatic Gypsy-Grass

That's how Mountain Standard Time describes its sound. Sounds a lot like bluegrass to me.

Non-Linear Aquatic Gypsy-Grass:
n. (genre) 1. non-linear: outside the box, not "square" 2. aquatic: flowing, organic,
water-like 3. gypsy: full of movement, very danceable 4. grass: as in bluegrass.

On to week #2 of my free music files. If anyone wants a copy of the show send an email to [email protected]. Below is the show info along with links to find out more information about the band.

Mountain Standard Time
May 8th, 2008
Katmandu Restaurant
Nederland, CO

Source: Neumann AK40>LCS>KM100 (30 ft back DFC)>V3(S/PID out)>Microtrack 2496 @ 24 bit/48 khz
Lineage: Microtrack>PC(via USB 2.0)>CD Wave>r8brain(dither & resample)>FLAC16
Taper: Phil Rollins

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Wank Wank Jam >
3. Think Again > Blind Dream
4. Wandering
5. Big Railroad Blues
6. Alone and in The Dark
7. Catching A Life >
8. Rolling Down The Road >
9. Peannt Butter Love
10. Wish It Wasn't You
11. On And All Along
12. Just Seen A Face
13. Walkin In The Rain

Set II
Disc 2
1. Intro
2. Falling Leaves
3. Lioness Flutter Eyes
4. Mountain Standard Time
5. Steam Powered Aeroplane >
6. Bad Fish >
7. Steam Powered Aeroplane
8. Speckly Boy >
9. Just What I Needed >
10. Speckly Boy
11. Take You Down >
12. Possum >
13. Get Back On The Train>
14. Henry
15. Freeborn Man>
16. Nuthin' But A G-String
17. Crowd Encore Chant
18. Not Fade Away >
19. Lovelight >
20. I Know You Rider

Is that what "gypsy" means now? I do feel awfully confused when the kids throw that word around these days.

Well, that's what us "kids" decided it meant in this case. Like much of the English language, words have many meanings. We also travel a lot playing music as we go, and at those times we are very "gypsy"-like as well. Hope you like the music!

Well, my wish for you is that you never cross paths with any drunk, angry Roma.

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