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September 2008

September 05, 2008

Does This Photo Offend You?

Resist_censorship_2 Well, apparently, it does the folks at Every Woman Physical Therapy, one of the stops, at 208 Flynn Ave., along this weekend's South End Art Hop.

The photographer, Kimberley Hannaman Taylor, says that, after hanging her 24 postcard-sized photographs at Every Woman, she received a call from South End Arts & Business Association. She was told that Toby Richman, Every Woman's owner, had objected to this photo and two similar images. While the exhibit's content is, overall, pretty benign — landscapes, a ferry, fruits, vegetables — the baby-doll pix were such an affront to Richman that she demanded that Taylor remove the whole shebang before the patrons start arriving this evening.

"The photos do not depict nudity, they're not political, they're not violent," Taylor said. "They're photographs of an inanimate object lying in the snow."

Taylor had the mobile-style exhibit removed by noon Friday, but the photos will still be on view — on the photographer herself. Taylor plans to sew the pictures onto her clothing and, by Saturday morning, "be a walking gallery." She'll also be giving away 50 "wearable banners" of the offending images.

"I hope they'll be worn all over Art Hop and start a dialogue about this," she said.

No one answered the phone at Every Woman P.T., and when I went by the studio, Richman was with a client.

Bob Bolyard, Art Hop coordinator, said he offered to let Taylor hang her work in SEABA's gallery at 180 Flynn Ave. Although he wouldn't comment on Richman's specific objections to the baby-doll shots, putting the 'B' in SEABA, he said Art Hop has had to "shuffle" exhibits around in the past to accommodate the tastes of the business owners who help host the annual event. "We back our sites," he said.

For her part, Taylor doesn't hold it against Richman for failing to appreciate her work. Her gripe is with SEABA's willingness to allow businesses to exercise editorial control over Art Hop content.

"The business is in the program,the business gets the press, and traffic is being funneled to their site," she noted. "And now my name is in the program, and there is a blank gallery space there, which doesn't sit well with me, not for how it impacts me and my career and how it makes me look, but philosophically.

"Who has the creative license in these situations?"

September 04, 2008

Jon Stewart Puts Palin in Perspective

This video's for everyone who's been thinking, "wow, these conservatives are singing a different tune now that they're defending one of their own rather than attacking the opposition."

Yep, Jon Stewart expertly exposes hypocrisy once again.

Via Andrew Sullivan.

Why do I always watch the Republican convention?

Sarah I can't help it. I'm curious. It's easy to watch the Democratic convention and nod my head in agreement with everything that is said from the glorious podium. But it takes a special kind of masochism to spend my free time watching Rudy Guliani shake his fists in front of a gigantic Windows 98 screen saver.

I wanted to watch "Sarah" but first, I had to sit through "Rudy." And he didn't disappoint. Pulling no punches, he raked Obama over the coals and it hurt... a little. Mostly, his critique was entertaining, well-delivered, virile and a little rude. My partner Shawn said, "He's allowed to be a jerk 'cuz he's from New York." I think he's right.

People say Sarah Palin looks like Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) from Will & Grace, but I think she's more of a Tina Fey. When they announced that Sarah Palin would be John McCain's running mate I thought to myself: The Republicans have really done it. They picked the perfect candidate to spice up John McCain's decrepit campaign — I, for one, was getting bored. So I'm watching her tonight — even though I know that baby isn't hers.

Keep your enemies close America!

P.S. I kinda liked the Greek columns you bitch!

September 03, 2008

Burlington Begins Taxi-Reform Process

Ftaxitales At 6 p.m. on September 2, Burlington City Councilor Clarence Davis (P-Ward 3) convened a meeting on taxi reform at City Hall. Attended by Deputy Police Chief Walt Decker, Burlington Airport Manager Brian Searles and about 20 others, the meeting was a result of a City Council resolution passed on June 9 asking the city to review how it regulates Burlington's cab industry.

(For background on the taxi industry and the controversy surrounding it, see our June 25 story, "Fare Warning," and subsequent reader responses.)

During the public comment period, a few of the dozen local drivers in attendance offered testimonials (some spoke for less than a minute). While most drivers conceded that the city needs to regulate the industry, some of them, like Yellow Cab owner Larry Bushey, stressed that cab companies can't afford to pay current city rates on account of rising fuel costs (Bushey's company and Benways Transportation are the largest in town). As another driver put it: "Just as quick as we get an increase, the gasoline prices pretty much eat it up."

"I just think we need consistency," said one of two citizens who testified. "Largely speaking, [drivers] do as they please, and we have not been able to get consistent enforcement."

After thanking the drivers for their input, Davis, who chairs the council's license committee, acknowledged the challenges posed by recent increases in fuel prices. However, he said, Burlington has "kept pace" with fuel increases.

"I think the time is right for some changes to be made to the ordinances," he added.

First up? Davis plans to address illegal fuel surcharges and ensure that taxi drivers provide information in their cabs explaining how passengers can file complaints.

Photo by Jordan Silverman.

Amy Goodman Also Arrested at the RNC

This is old news by now, but journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! was arrested at the convention on Monday. Here's a video of her arrest.

There's a movement afoot to get the Ramsey County Attorney and St. Paul City Attorney to drop the charges (felony probably cause riot charges).

2 Vermonters Arrested During RNC Protests, According to Eyewitness

Two Vermonters were arrested Monday during protests at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, and are still in jail, according to a friend and fellow protester who took part in the demonstration.

That's the word from Kylie (she declines to give her last name), a 19-year-old University of Vermont student who spoke with Seven Days by cellphone this afternoon from the RNC. Kylie said she is attending the convention with four other Vermonters. One of the students who was arrested hails from the Northeast Kingdom and attends Vassar College, she said; the other is a recent UVM graduate.

According to Kylie, the arrests happened around midday on September 1 after a group of protesters staged a "lock down" — with the help of "lock boxes" — at an intersection. After police arrived, she said, protesters were "cornered" by bike and riot police and told to "get on the ground" and put their hands up. Some were pepper-sprayed and searched without a warrant, she said. Those who self-identified were released, Kylie said; those who didn't were taken to jail. She said her friends are currently being held on $1000 bail.

Kylie is planning to file a blog post for Seven Days when she finds a computer. "Things are starting to quiet down a little bit," she said. "But definitely a lot has happened in the last three days that we can tell you all about."

September 02, 2008

Burlington Criterium Men's Top Pro Race


Here's a short video of the Burlington Criterium race yesterday with a final shot of Jake Hollenbach of Skirack winning the Men's Top Pro race. There are a variety of shots from different locations on the track. It is really cool to see downtown transformed into a race course for the event each year.

I'm a big fan of the Mini Cooper pace car too!

Free Vermont State Park Pass

Dscf2246 Last weekend, my family went on our annual Labor Day camping trip. I can't tell you where we went because I don't want everyone flocking to our awesome secret spot. Just trust me when I say that it's an amazing place we return to every year to regain some of our sanity, and remind ourselves that there's more to life than sitting in front of a computer screen. Or, at least, that's why I go there.

While we were there, we heard about the Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge. The parks people basically give you a list of activities, and ask you to fill out a check sheet — and take photos — to show that you've completed the items on the list.

Dscf2252 Each item has a corresponding number of points. So, climbing a tree or boulder is 10 points, playing frisbee is 10 points, identifying an animal is 5 points, hiking a trail is 20 points, etc. When you get 250 points, you send them your checklist and your photos and they send you a free day pass to all Vermont State Parks for 2009 (and the rest of 2008)! How cool is that?

I wish I had known about this little contest sooner. The deadline is October 15, so you've still got time to play. Here are a couple photos that we took this weekend in our fabulous, undisclosed, state-owned location. The top one was taken just before sunrise. The bottom photo shows a family of loons.

September 01, 2008

What is oozing out of our ground?

"This is not natural."

Thank goodness there are no need for sprinklers in Vermont this summer. We are immune from the government conspiracy in our water supply. Caution: the video you are about to see may be shocking...

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