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September 08, 2008

Steve Benen on the Rachel Maddow Show -- UPDATED

If you tune in for Rachel Maddow's new show on MSNBC tonight, you may see Essex Junction resident — and Washington Monthly blogger — Steve Benen.

A little birdie told me to watch for Steve. Thanks for the tip, Bill.

Next weekend you can see Steve — and me, and Ann De Marle from Champlain College — at the Burlington Book Festival. The three of us will be on a panel, moderated by Champlain dean Jeff Rutenbeck, about "Writing in the 22nd Century." Whatever that means. We'll be in the Pickering Room at the Fletcher Free Library from 1-2 p.m.

UPDATE: Here's the video clip, via Candleblog. And here are Bill's comments, including a critique of the WCAX studios...

Too bad Comcast has taken MSNBC off the air for most of us... I can still get Fox News(?), though!!

Odd. I had a dream about Rachel Maddow last night. We were close friends in the dream. She was admitting that working from GE was changing her. That she is being co-opted by the system.

In real life, maybe Steve is too. There are McCain ads all over his new blog.

And in other news, McCain is now 10 points ahead.

Is a non sequitur to ask why Tower Seven imploded? Nobody knows. Huh. Nobody's thought too much about it. Funny how that works.

Anyway good for Steve. Good for Rachel.

I'll continue writing for the 22nd century myself. Nobody reading this will never write in it.

Arggg. ever, not ever.


Forget it. I wrecked my comment. Moving on...

The suit took me aback, but that was a good performance by Steve last night, a and a good first show by Rachel Maddow. Still though, I miss listening to her radio show in the car since our local Air America affiliate went under.

My bet is that Mr. Benen will be a regular contributor. He seemed to have a good chemistry with Dr. Maddow. One question though- has he really read all those books he was sitting in front of? Just kidding.

Anybody else watch?

I was in the WCAX studio with him last night (forgot to bring my camera - d'oh!). It was Steve in the chair in front of the cheesy law books backdrop, the camera guy, Eve (Steve's wife), the make-up artist and me sitting in awkward silence as Steve listened to the broadcast over his IFB earpiece and uncomfortably waited for his segment to begin. He was seated and wired up while Olbermann was still doing the Worst Persons segment, so he had a while to wait there.

WCAX is the only sat uplink in town so look for those books whenever you see Dean or Leahy on one of those shows.

I was worried as we waited, because Steve had a lot of nervous energy about him, but once he started talking politics he was fine. I'm the same way, but with Star Trek. :)

VIT studios can satellite uplink, although they've had some high-profile... er... challenges.

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