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September 26, 2008

Potential VP's VPL

Palin I have to say this is the best VPL (Visible Panty Line) I've seen in a long time. But what's most interesting is that it's the VPL of one of the VP candidates.

Yes, that's Sarah Palin (#22) playing for the Wasilla Warriors against their rivals, the Palmer Moose. My friend played for Palmer. (Thanks for the yearbook, Maria). 

Did she even get off the ground? I think not. At least Joe Biden's got a jump shot.

Oh God, that is so funny! That photo is so late '70s! She looks like one of the scary teen queens of my rural VT high school, where basketball and soccer were the only sports that mattered.

VPL was a serious hazard with the short little shorts.

This photo is from the winter of 80-81, I believe. She was a junior in high school at the time as she graduated in 1982.

Nasty VPL, yes. But she's the serious hazard now.

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