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September 04, 2008

Why do I always watch the Republican convention?

Sarah I can't help it. I'm curious. It's easy to watch the Democratic convention and nod my head in agreement with everything that is said from the glorious podium. But it takes a special kind of masochism to spend my free time watching Rudy Guliani shake his fists in front of a gigantic Windows 98 screen saver.

I wanted to watch "Sarah" but first, I had to sit through "Rudy." And he didn't disappoint. Pulling no punches, he raked Obama over the coals and it hurt... a little. Mostly, his critique was entertaining, well-delivered, virile and a little rude. My partner Shawn said, "He's allowed to be a jerk 'cuz he's from New York." I think he's right.

People say Sarah Palin looks like Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) from Will & Grace, but I think she's more of a Tina Fey. When they announced that Sarah Palin would be John McCain's running mate I thought to myself: The Republicans have really done it. They picked the perfect candidate to spice up John McCain's decrepit campaign — I, for one, was getting bored. So I'm watching her tonight — even though I know that baby isn't hers.

Keep your enemies close America!

P.S. I kinda liked the Greek columns you bitch!

Bitch? Really??? I expect more from a liberal (being one myself).

Or is this a reference I'm not getting?

I'll clarify. At some point in the speech she said, "And after they haul those Greek columns back to Hollywood..." referring to Obama's ostentatious backdrop at his acceptance speech.

I thought the backdrop was very Kennedy-Camelot. Some clever set director really thought hard about how to make Obama look like he was *already* in the White House.

I thought it was a bitchy comment (though funny). It definitely got the crowd going though. I don't think *she's* a bitch. At least not yet. In fact, right now, I'm quite impressed with her.

Yeah, I just never use the word bitch. It's so loaded and problematic.

I think Don was using it in the campy, gay way. But that doesn't necessarily translate on the web.

I don't think *she's* a bitch

OK, but you did say "you bitch" in your post, without emoticon or other way to note that you don't literally mean she's a bitch (like Paris Hilton's use of "bitches" in her recent Obama video).

"You bitch" is typically a beligerant, purposefully mean thing - the equivilant of "you a$$h0le" IMHO.

I do use the word "bitch." Often with admiration. But not to offend anyone, can I just call her a Mean Girl? (Mean Woman. Whatever.) She strikes me as that high school queen bee who treats other girls like her subjects and then simpers when the boys are around. That's a subjective impression, of course. But I thought her good delivery did little to mask a lack of real arguments, while appealing to the swing-voter soccer moms and stirring up the conservative base with loaded language.

I'm of two minds about these speeches that are basically ALL rhetoric, no substance... they are entertaining, but all they do is set off more partisan slagging and encourage people not to exercise critical thought. The DNC was full of them too, but at least Obama talked about the importance of compromise on some contentious issues. That was a shot of reality.

OMG - I totally said the same thing about the "gigantic Windows 98 screen saver" while I was watching her speech. Lol!

I love how Democratic Convention employed protest zones. That's not change! That's more of the same!

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