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October 09, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld Buys a House in Vermont

Karl_lagerfeld I heard this rumor earlier this week, and it appears that it was true. Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has purchased a house in Vermont, on an island in Lake Champlain.

According to a "fashion scoop" from the WWD website, Lagerfeld has never actually seen the property in person, but he adores the photos.

“I love it. It’s very much Emily Dickinson,” Lagerfeld said backstage at Chanel, describing a landscape not unlike the North of Europe, from which he hails. The designer is already plotting a décor worthy of a Vilhelm Hammershoi painting – and perfect for a fashion campaign. “I’ll start doing the Chanel campaigns there,” he said.

Um, Emily Dickinson was from Amherst, Massachusetts. Or maybe he means that, because the house is on an island, he can shut himself up there and keep everyone else out? Become a hermit like the Belle of Amherst? That seems unlikely. Or was he referring to one of her poems?

The soul selects her own society,
Then shuts the door;
On her divine majority
Obtrude no more.

Of course, if he really wants to understand Vermont through its poets, he oughtta read some Hayden Carruth. That might actually scare him away...

YAY! PETA will love coming to Vermont to stage floating naked protests around Fort Emily.

As an islander, that makes me frustrated with the further gentrification of my hometown (homecounty? homebunchofislands?) and the loss of family farms as a result.

As a closet celebrity-blog and fashion consumer, this makes me really excited. Who knows whom Karl will bring with him? LiLo! MAYBE EVEN THE BECKINGHAMS.

OK. I'm back. Sorry. Breathe.

My excitement made me blind and made me spell the Beckhams' name wrong. I am so ashamed.

This rumor is actually not true at all. I'm a real estate agent who deals with luxury properties in Vermont and this is unequivocally false. Just like it was not true that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were buying property here. Or any of the other big name celebrities purportedly buying up property here.

I'm also a real estate agent who deals with luxury properties in Vermont and I think this story is unequivocally true. Nicole Kidman and Keith Moon did buy proerty here, as did Michael J. Fox, Luis Guzman, Sandra Bullock's sister, Abraham Lincoln's son and the first guy to drive across America in a car!

Hey ... It's true!!!

Ummm... "Nicole Kidman and Keith MOON?"

It is true! He bought my house... and it was on Channel 3 tonight and he walked right out the front door.

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