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October 07, 2008

Pollina's Campaign: Broke Down Engine?

A sharp-eyed Seven Days reader snapped a couple of pics this morning of Independent gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina's campaign van at Noyes Automotive on Pine Street in Burlington.

In for just a tune-up, or a complete overhaul? they wondered.

I think they meant the car not the campaign, though Pollina's slogan "We Can Do Better" may start taking on new meaning. Do they mean the campaign can do better, or Vermont?
Pollina's campaign bank account is running on empty, and with just four weeks to go until Nov. 4, the Prog-turned-Independent is not looking as if he'll put up an ad on radio or TV. That's going to hurt, as the two major party candidates start heating up the airwaves.

Pollina is hoping a federal court ruling — expected any day from US District Court Judge William Sessions — will give him a boost.

Several Pollina supporters have sued Vermont over its interpretation of state campaign finance laws.

A ruling in Pollina's favor would mean that about $27,000 would not have to be repaid to donors who gave $2,000 to the candidate when he was still a Progressive. And, well, a ruling going the other way means his campaign would be in debt as much as $20,000.

But, back to the pic — Pollina's campaign manager Meg Brook says the campaign van was in for an oil change and new air filter, as well as a meet-n-greet with the owner and the mechanics.

Hey, every vote counts from now until Nov. 4.

Wow, such hard hitting journalism. Borders on clever, even. Do you suppose Symington changes the oil in her car? Inquiring minds want to know.

Pollina is hoping a federal court ruling — expected any day from US District Court Judge William Sessions — will give him a boost.

"Boost" can only be interpreted in its straight monetary sense. There's no way a lawsuit like this is going to help a candidate get votes. Scrapping it out in court over a lousy 27K? How inspiring.

I have no doubt of Anthony Pollina's character or good intentions, but a hard eyed look at the landscape tells me he's done for good this time. Sorry Anthony.

I think the Progs should have run Zuckerman.

The campaign finance story would be a good one for an ambitious reporter who didn't just surf the blogs and phone it all in. Oy!

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