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October 22, 2008

Vermont 3.0 Panel Previews

Yesterday I wrote about the first round of panels at this Saturday's Vermont 3.0 Creative Technology Career Jam. Today I want to preview the second round, which starts at 11 a.m. "So, You Wanna Get Into Games," and "So, You Wanna Green Up Our Energy Future." Click here for a complete schedule of the day.

The gaming panel features Chris Hancock of Tertl Studos (that's not a typo — it's just how they spell their name), Amanda Crispel of Champlain College's E-gaming program and Heather Kelley, a Montreal gamer who also works with Champlain.

I don't know much about Chris — his website is pretty sparse. Maybe his projects are top secret...? I met Amanda for the first time yesterday, at the grand opening of Champlain's Emergent Media Lab at the Champlain Mill in Winooski (which I've been meaning to blog about). Cool thing about her — she spent 19 years in the gaming industry, and worked on the Carmen Sandiego games!

As for Heather Kelley, she's also known as moboid. Here's an interesting line from her bio: "Her game concept Lapis won the 2006 MIGS Game Design Challenge on sex in games." Hmmm... something to ask her about on the panel. Heck, I'll be moderating. Maybe I'll bring it up.

As for the Green Up Our Energy Future panel, we've got Joan Richmond-Hall, a professor from Vermont Tech in Randolph, who's studying a manure and food-scrap digester that could power the VT Tech campus. Cool. There's also Scott Johnstone, the new CEO of the ever-expanding Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (Seven Days' neighbors — represent, Independent Block!). And Evan Osler, an employee at NRG. If you look closely, you can see him in this video that Eva Sollberger and Mike Ives produced this week.

I recommend asking Evan if everything at NRG is as hunky-dory as it seems in that video and the accompanying story. Looks like an awesome place to work. But just because their office is clean and energy efficient and beautiful, and just because they have amazing benefits, and just because they get healthy lunches every day at the company cafeteria doesn't mean they're happy. Right? Or am I just in denial?

You can talk to these fascinating people on Saturday at Champlain College in Burlington. Yep, for free.

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