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November 11, 2008

Grannis Gallery is Closing

Img_2064_2 Sad, but true — designer goldsmith Timothy Grannis and his wife, Susan Hurd are closing their store, Grannis Gallery, Fine Jewelry, on Bank Street in Burlington.

They sent a letter to loyal customers that arrived yesterday, announcing a going-out-of-business sale. Apparently they're making a public announcement on Thursday. From the letter:

Our entire inventory of fine diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires as well as our extraordinary collection of designer jewely will be sold at SAVINGS OF UP TO 60% OFF, bringing you the BEST JEWELRY VALUE for your dollar in New England. Our entire inventory MUST BE SOLD!

Reached by phone, Hurd said that the sale wasn't a response to the recent economic downturn; they've been wanting to get out of retail for awhile. The store has been for sale for the past year and half. Getting out now, she said, is a way of "de-stressing." No word on what will happen to their storefront.Img_2069

On a personal level, I'm sorry to see them go. My partner and I know Tim's daughter, Rebecca — in fact, she made our civil union rings. Here's a picture of mine. The design is one of her father's, from his "Lake Champlain" series. It's hard to tell from this angle, but it's meant to recall the Adirondack mountains, as you'd see them across Lake Champlain.

Thanks, Grannis Gallery, for all of your good work over the years. You will definitely be missed.

I won't miss them. They f***ed me over once on a necklace and I'm glad to see the bastards go.

Completely ignoring the above comment (since perfection is never possible), I would like to say that it really is a pity that the Grannis is closing its doors. It was a wonderful thing for local jewelry smiths to be able to showcase their art, and it was a great source for real collectors to find something truly unique- not an overpriced, multiple-manufactured, chain jewelry store item. Also, every year, the Grannis Gallery would give student jewelers the opportunity to put their work in an annual student exhibition. Tim and his family gave great opportunities to both advanced artists and young ones as well. This gallery will be very missed by many people, and I would like to thank them, congratulate them on doing such a phenomenal job for so long, and wish them the best of luck.

They made my wedding ring. Worked out pretty well.

they were SUPPOSED to make my wedding ring. however, no one has asked me to marry me yet, so i guess grannis won't be making my ring. sad. good luck to them!

i mean, no one has asked me to marry them yet. i suppose i could ask me to marry me, and then i could get a grannis ring, but it wouldn't be the same.

Timothy and Suzy -- You'll be sorely missed -- Grannis Gallery is an oasis of beauty, creativity and independence. Good luck to you both.

We got my engagement ring and both of our wedding bands from Grannis 5 years ago and were so happy to work with Jake on our custom pieces. At least we can still shop with him even though Grannis will be gone.

That IS a shame!
My partner and I got our rings from them. Believe me......we were certainly not high end customers. But they treated us like we were. They looked after us, were as sweet as could be and excited for us. And every so often we would stop by and they would take these incredible, opulent pieces out for my partner to 'play' with. Knowing full well we could never afford them, but encouraging her to try them on anyhow.
My partner has since died, and I can't help smiling when I pass their shop.

All the very best to them in their life travels!!

I am the proud owner of Timothy's "Galaxy" bracelet. It is truly a masterpiece which I will treasure always. Everyone I dealt with in the gallery could not have been nicer. I only regret that I never actually visited the shop in Burlington. I hope they will stay in touch somehow!!! And my very best wishes to all for continued success!

we ordered a ring from them in November, they claimed it would be done in December or January. then in Jan they said that it would be in March. Now they are not returning calls and have our money. it seems to me the only kind of artists they are now is scam artists.

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