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November 12, 2008

Seven Days of Sex

Got an interesting article via Google alert this morning that I can't resist sharing.

Dallas pastor Ed Young is urging the married couples in his 20,000-member megachurch to have sex for seven days in a row, starting on November 16.

"We want to turn whining into whoopi!" said Young. "With the current financial crises, moral debates on marriage, growing divorce rates, and rampant marital infidelity, marriages and families are under siege; there is a lot of whining going on.

That's the most fun recession-survival strategy I've heard yet.

Haha... The pastor's teaching seminar is called, "Leave Lust Vegas."

I think everyone should pledge to have sex for seven days in a row — whining or no whining.


Having sex for seven days is different than having sex seven days in a row.

Ha! Good point, Haik. I corrected that in the post.

It's part of the Republican long term strategy: make more Republican babies.

Seriously, it's time for American liberals to think about renewing the Summer of Love. We can have lots of kids and still have a small carbon footprint.

I think this is a bunch of pure crap.

Of course, I am over 78 years of age and I would have to have somebody put it in for me.

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