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December 21, 2008

Holiday Break

Happy Holidays, Blurt fans! It's been quite a year, what with Karl Lagerfeld moving to Vermont, and Burton putting out those controversial snowboards, and the bitter hipster kickball debate of aught eight.

The Seven Days staff typically takes a break over the holidays — we produce two issues in one week in the middle of December, so that we can take off for a couple weeks or so at the end of the month.

We put the last issues of the year to bed last Tuesday, and now everybody's off until Friday, January 2. We'll be posting infrequently to Blurt until then.

Next week's issue of Seven Days will be up on the web as usual on December 24, but the print edition won't hit the stands until Friday. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading.

Is it me or does today feel like a Monday?

It's you.

MWAH ha ha! That kickball thing was awesome. It was so marvelously pathetic and daft. I should've received some kind of award for that. Thanks for the LULZ, Cathy. :)

"It's been quite a year, what with Karl Lagerfeld moving to Vermont..."

Who the *fuck* cares about that?!

Nobody. What happened to real stories in this state?

Jesus H. Christ!

Hi Bob.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to note that those frivolous stories I mentioned were, in fact, the most popular topics we covered this year (measured unscientifically by blog traffic and number of comments).

I'm not sure exactly who cares about those things, but I know that a bunch of people do.

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