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January 19, 2009

Food Poll: What Warms You Up in Winter?

Hi Foodies! Starting today, I'll be posting a food-related poll every Monday. Here's the first one. Take a little break from all the inauguration coverage and vote.

If you select "other," make sure to leave a comment about what you like to eat during the long Vermont winters.

I voted for the squash bisque, but two of my favorite cold weather dishes are a nice colcannon or homemade macaroni and cheese. Mmmm... I'm going to pick up some cabbage and potatoes at the grocery store today. Thanks Suzanne!

I drink the cold away, but I prefer a big mug (or bucket) full of Stoli.

I wish we could see the number of voters rather than just the percentages.

Hi Haik. If you click on the "comment" link at the bottom of the poll, it brings you to a page which has that information.

I only know because somebody told's definitely not intuitive!

Call me crazy, but I still turn to "Gourmet Magazine's Best Tasting Hot Dog in the Whole United States (Vienna Beef)...I just add the Chili with warm Sauerkraut!! That combination brings me back to the days of when Mom made Halupki (beef, rice, onions and spices wrapped in cabbage cooked in tomato sauce) Delicious...I miss Mom!!

Other: Cali Syrah sticks to the ribs like a stew - a nice, meaty wine when the temp can't seem to break the high teens.

actually any kind of stick to the ribs food is really good for cold weather cozy eating...

You missed mine - Fat! Sausages, duck confit, braised brisket... You know the score.

The Bearded Frog is serving a delicious duck leg confit with roasted root vegetable salad and lentil puree right now. I had it a few weeks ago - perfect winter entree!

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