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January 21, 2009

omg... Vermont State Parks Launches Facebook Page

Profilepic That's the title of the press release I just got in my inbox. I'm not even kidding.

This is their profile pic.

Apparently it's news that they have... 119 fans!!!!!!! They're going VIRAL! Watch out!

From the press release:

WATERBURY – What do Cassandra Gauvin, Richard Haggerty, Melissa Peake and Brett Kellerman have in common? They’re all fans of Vermont State Parks’ new Facebook page who are helping to promote Vermont’s diverse network of parks and the affordable recreational opportunities they offer.
In a little over a week, Vermont State Parks has already picked up 119 fans – who are sharing stories, photos and creating a buzz for their favorite state park.
Just ask Miko Kempton, who proclaims “MAIDSTONE ROCKS MY WORLD!!!” or Lindsey Davis, who trumpets “WOOHOO for Little River! BESTPARK IN VT!”
Officials at the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation say they’re going to stay out of the best park debate for now, but will encourage the discussion, as well as invite Vermonters and visitors to friend Vermont State Parks at Or simply go to and click on the Facebook icon.
The diversity of affordable recreational opportunities offered by Vermont’s state parks must be matched by a diversity of outreach activities, said Commissioner Jason Gibbs.
“From summer days on the beach, family picnics and the warmth of a crackling campfire, to rock climbing, kayaking and other high adventure—our parks offer affordable options for everyone,” Gibbs said.  “In a time of limited budgets, our Facebook friends are ‘Internet ambassadors’ who are helping us spread the word about the many opportunities that exist within Vermont’s state parks and recruit new visitors.”

"Internet ambassadors" indeed.

Of course, I just became a fan, because I love the state parks. But really, a press release for 119 fans? Does anyone else think this is a little weird?

Maybe it's just the "omg" in the title that's throwing me off.


That would have been a better headline for this blog post.

Having a facebook page is not a bad thing... but necessary?

I do wonder if this was what Douglas had in mind by appointing an under-qualified Jason Gibbs as commissioner.

And in the age of serious budget problems is this the best use of staff time?

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