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January 29, 2009

Peter Freyne Memorial Video

I barely knew Peter Freyne, but that man was so condensed that just a drop of him left me with memories I will treasure. 

Peter would insult me one moment ("Well no one ever watches your videos, do they?!") and charm me the next, pepper me with questions while deftly sidestepping mine, impress me with his knowledge and then morph into a playful kid. 

Like the best cab drivers, bartenders, and journalists before him, this man knew how to get a story and beguile you while doing it.  There will never be another one like him and I'll surely miss running into him randomly and being greeted by his wide smile and relentless enthusiasm for life. 

I made this video for Peter's memorial today to send him off in style. Most of these childhood photos were found in a Pepperidge Farms cookie tin along with some personal cards from prominent VT big wigs.

The music was very generously provided by La Strada who recently visited our fair city from Brooklyn.  Thanks to Pamela Polston and everyone at Seven Days who helped plan this final goodbye for Peter. Hope to see you there.

Nice fucking job, Eva. Seriously. Great.

Great work, Eva. I really appreciated hearing Peter in his own words last night.

Thanks guys. As far as memorials go, this one was kick ass. Stories, memories, music, sentiment, humor and tons of people. I could almost imagine Peter rolling his eyes, laughing out loud, cat calling and maybe even sniffling a little here and there. It was a grand send off. Rest in peace Peter.

Not enough room.

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