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January 06, 2009

Rewind: Can't Progs & Dems Get Along?

In case you missed the much ballyhooed Seven Days forum, “Why Can’t Progs & Dems Get Along?" in December, our good friends at Channel 17 will broadcast the event (in its entirety) on the upcoming dates:

• January 12, 8:35 PM
• January 13, 1:35 AM
• January 13, 7:35 AM
• January 13, 1:05 PM

If those times don't work, you can watch the program on-line by clicking here.

About 100 people came to hear four panelists — Rep. Dave Zuckerman and City Councilor Jane Knodell for the Progs and Rep. Joey Leddy Donovan and city party chairman Jake Perkinson for the Dems — engage in a spirited but civil debate about the parties’ differences.

No groundbreaking détente was reached, but each side explained where Ds and Ps have common ground, where they differ and why. Will they ever work strategically to oust Republican Gov. Jim Douglas?

Given Sen. Doug Racine's announcement that he is running for governor in 2010, the discussion may be worth hearing. Perhaps even a second time.

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