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February 25, 2009

The Sex Issue

Stimuluspackage-guy This week Seven Days published our own "stimulus package" — the results of our biennial sex survey. Yowsa.

Check out Pamela Polston's steamy summary here. Don't miss Margot Harrison's write-up about on-screen sex scenes, and Paula Routly's review of respondents' memorable sexual experiences.

We also commissioned a few sex-themed stories for the issue.

That'll warm you up on a cold winter's day...

One movie most people missed (an not mentioned in Margot's article) was Nine Songs. If you like great indie rock and explicit sex this movie is for you. The sex scenes are real (not simulated) and the music is live and both overwhelm the plot (which turns annoyingly heavy by the end).

I can't believe people only think about sex 1-4 per day and masturbate 1-4 times per week. Seriously? Does that agree with national averages?

This is way off topic, but . . .

I saw the "Best of the Beasts" photo contest advertised in the Sex Issue, but I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere on the site (not even under "Contests & Events"). Where is it?

Hi Sarah,

Here's the link for the pet photo contest! Sorry you had trouble finding it. There's a big image and link on the homepage, above the Top 10 stories of the week.

Thanks, Cathy! It seems my Firefox ad blocker prevented the contest banner from showing. I just now looked at the site using Safari and, as you said, the banner appeared above the Top 10 new stories. There are probably others having this problem since Firefox is a popular web browser.

Weird. I use Firefox and am not having that problem. Thanks for reporting it!

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