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February 17, 2009

Yes, Another Mayoral Debate!

Another day, another Burlington mayoral debate — or at least so it seems. This time, four of the five mayoral candidates will take questions from Seven Days staff writer Ken Picard.

Home_promoThe forum, sponsored by AARP-Vermont, takes place Thursday in the Hilton on Battery Street in Burlington from 6-7:30 p.m.

Roughly half of the questions will come from the moderator and the last half from the audience, according to David Reville, AARP-Vermont's spokesman. Some questions will focus on livable community issues such as transportation, mobility, and pedestrian safety while others will focus on housing and community development.

To learn more about the AARP's efforts on livability issues, check out the Burlington Livable Community Project.

AARP-Vermont is also providing folks with a voting guide  explaining the mayoral candidates views on a variety of these issues. Click here to go to the page on the AARP-VT website where you can download a PDF version of the guide.

For more information, call (802) 951-1397 or email [email protected]

Originally, I was supposed to put the candidates on the hot seat, but I have a family obligation that night. That the way things go when you have young kids and it's the week before February break (and when you don't consult the family calendar before making a work commitment at night). My thanks to Ken for stepping into the breech, and for the folks at AARP for making the last-minute adjustment.

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