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March 10, 2009

Best Bites: Souza's Brazilian Steakhouse

Souza's Brazilian Steakhouse

131 Main Street, Burlington 864-2433

Since the beginning of Souza's life, I had been a regular at brunch. Meat on swords, pao de queijo (cheese bread) and cashew juice with the magical scrambled eggs that converted me from an egg-hater to an egg-eater? Sim, por favor!

But since it opened in its new location on the corner of Main and St. Paul, Souza's had been dinner-only — until last week. Better yet? The brunch is now $9.99. And there’s more stuff. The huge salad bar – by night laden with hearts of palm, mixed salads and antipasti — is piled with the some usual suspects and fresh breakfast pastries.

Most notable were the glazed spice donuts, a marzipan roll and what we dubbed “the bacon roll” — pieces of toasted brioche served under crisp bacon and soaked in bacon grease. Hot dishes on the buffet included bacon-studded homefries, tangy homemade hash and improbably, lovely beef stroganoff over farfalle.

As opposed to the nighttime roster of 14 meats (including tender marinated lamb and bacon-wrapped filet mignon), brunch brought only three: garlicky, crisp-skinned chicken thighs, tender and deliciously rock-salted sirloin and juicy pork loin. Cinnamon-covered pineapple was also sliced directly at the table. The moist, creamy scrambled eggs were made to order and promptly brought to the table.

Juices made from cashew fruit, guavas, passion fruit and mangoes are all-you-can-drink, served cafeteria-style. However uncomfortable the effort may be, I recommend you try some real-deal dulce de leche and a chewy brownie from the dessert buffet. It’s worth the wait, but be sure to leave before you’re hungry. We stood in line for over an hour. I hope that next time, the option of reservations might be available.

That's awesome..I'll be in for glad to hear that!!

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