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March 31, 2009

Fission fatigue: No nukes activist Helen Caldicott to visit VT


Seven Days just learned that one of the most renowned antinuclear activists is speaking in Vermont next week. Over the last 40 years, Dr. Helen Caldicott, whom Seven Days profiled in November 2005, has hobnobbed with some of the most powerful leaders in the world as part of her ongoing struggle to rid the planet of nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Needless to say, the activist/physician's work remains far from completed. In fact, she calls our current age "the most dangerous age ever." Dr. Caldicott's talks are compelling, insightful and devastatingly on-target. Plus, as I discovered during my interview with her three-plus years ago, she's incredibly warm and friendly in person, despite the apocalyptic nature of her subject matter. Indeed, beyond the doom and gloom, she offers something in all too short supply these days: hope.

The Nobel-Prize-nominated scientist and activist speaks at Middlebury College's Bicentennial Hall at 12:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 7, then later that day at the Barnes & Noble in South Burlington. The following day, Dr. Caldicott signs books and meets the public at UVM's Davis Center bookstore from 4 to 5 p.m., followed by a talk in the Grand Maple Ballroom. On Thursday, April 9, Caldicott will be in Montpelier and Brattleboro, locations TBA. Be sure to catch one of these talks! 

Excellent, Ken! I remember the 7D profile, too. Glad Dr Caldicott, one of my heroes, is coming to Vermont!
I'll certainly spread the word! Thanks!

We plan to stream the UVM talk live at She is also scheduled to do a live interview on Channel 17 at 1:30 on April 8th.

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