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March 18, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage Public Hearing Tonight

AmericaForeverScan-webres This image is a little love note we received on our fax machine this morning. Just in time! The House and Senate Judiciary Committees are hosting a public hearing on same-sex marriage tonight at the Statehouse in Montpelier from 6-8:30 p.m.

Seven Days Creative Director and Associate Publisher Don Eggert and I are going to be at the Statehouse, live blogging the proceedings. Don's not a reporter, but I asked him to join me in Montpelier because the two of us spoke about gay marriage for Seven Days' January 7 cover story, "A More Perfect Union."

Seven Days will host the live blog on our homepage, alongside a video stream of the proceedings, courtesy of Channel 17 Town Meeting Television. So you'll be able to follow along as we make pithy comments. And you'll be able to add your own comments as well. Please join us on the live blog tonight. The fun starts at 6, or maybe a few minutes before, depending on how easy it is for us to set up.

The address on the bottom of this flyer says it's from Utah. They want to shame us outspoken Vermont gays, but they're the ones who should be ashamed — look at this layout! It's atrocious. What's with the weird spacing and random capitalization?

Anybody else have good examples of out-of-state marriage propaganda to share?

"DO NOT BE IGNORANT!" Uh... ironic headline alert.

WOW. Thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE that you commented on the pathetic layout! That made my day! I'll be reading tonight...

Two days ago a woman came to my house with a petition to put gay marriage to a vote. I didn't sign it. She asked if I was for gay marriage and seemed startled when I cheerfully said "Sure!" She stomped off in a huff and said something to the effect of 'to each his own' which I felt was an ironic thing for a gay marriage opponent to say.

It seems many businesses & schools were bombarded by this little "love fax" from the Mormons out in Utah this morning.

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