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March 03, 2009

TMD: The Fur is Flying in Guildhall!

Or so says a commenter on Vermont Public Radio's website.

VPR is asking readers to share the goings-on in their towns today. They've only gotten 3 comments so far, but the second one, from "ellewilson" is a goodie.

I know it might be difficult to imagine that tiny Guildhall, Vermont (Essex County) might have controversy, but [at] this year's Town Meeting, we do!

The hot issue centers, interestingly enough, on the Public Library and Masonic Hall here in our village. Unfortunately, this privately owned Library has been languishing for decades. This year, the Guildhall Selectboard decided it was time to stop continuing to appropriate taxpayer dollars to it without some accountability and some real services. For years, it has only been open for one hour a week, at the most three hours when a volunteer is available.

But amazingly, the Library trustees don't want an increase in funding, and they don't want to increase hours, and they don't want to show the Town any kind of financial statement.

Read more here, and add your own experiences. I hope VPR follows up on this one. Incidentally, ellewilson reports that there are only 268 people in Guildhall.

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