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March 17, 2009

Vermont Regional Health Forum Comes to Burlington

Photo Governor Jim Douglas and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick are hosting a forum on health care up at UVM today. The forum itself is invitation-only, and it starts at 1 p.m.

There's a rally in progress up at UVM as I type this.

The photo is from Shay Totten, who's on the scene with Seven Days reporter Mike Ives. Both of them are posting updates to Twitter — click here to follow them.

Here's a sample of what they've posted so far:

ShayTotten: Don at Small Dog says health care coverage needs to be decoupled from employment so folks aren't stuck on dead end jobs for benefits #vtrhf

ShayTotten: Dr. Marvin Malek - former VT Lt. Gov. candidate - shares with crowd the list used by insurance companies to deny claims #vtrhf

They'll have more comprehensive updates when they return, but for now, you can follow along here.

I was in the crowd outside and the bottom line is that if we want single payer we have to work for it, demand it, and not accept less.
The current system is toxic to humans- inefficient and unfair.
I saw 200 folks who cared yesteday- it was great to see on a beautiful day, now if you want single payer you must take the next steps- call and write to your congressman and senators --tell them you will not accept a warmed over second best plan that enables private health insurers to drive costs up and quality down!

Hi Guys, Just joined up, thought i would say Hi :) Jenny

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