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March 27, 2009

VIDEO: Marriage Rally at the Statehouse

I was at the marriage equality rally this morning at the Statehouse in Montpelier, along with Shay Totten. Instead of taking notes, I used my Flip camera to interview a few of the people who attended.

Man, it was hot in the Cedar Creek Room. I've never seen so many people packed in there. Shay guessed there were about 300 people. It was hard for me to do any kind of head count, crushed as I was against a back wall.

These short videos are unedited — I just downloaded them directly from my camera onto my computer, and posted them to YouTube.

I managed to talk with Bradley Holt, owner of Found Line, a web design firm in Burlington, Pam Misener, a board member of the Samara Foundation, Erin Moreau who was one of the few supporters who had a private audience with the governor, and Sandi Cote-Whitaker. She was also in on the meeting with the governor.

You might recognize Cote-Whitaker from this ad, which has been running on local TV. I heard it as a radio spot this morning on my way to Montpelier.

In the final video, I interviewed Dr. Chuck Saleen, of Vermont Dental Care. He wasn't there for the marriage rally — he was part of a group that was at the statehouse to talk with lawmakers about funding for the Medicaid dental program. He was giving away toothbrushes, and graciously agreed to be interviewed. Read more about him in this Seven Days story from 2006.

Great vids Cathy!

Hi Cathy:

It was nice to meet you at the statehouse today. I explained that I'd rather not be interviewed on camera because I'm apt to be tongue-tied. Here's what I might have said:

I'm here today, in part, to honor my mother and father. What I learned from them is that, more importantly than anything, people must be treated equally and fairly. They had five boys and none of us was treated differently than any of the others. Maybe part of their reasoning was that it was the easiest way of dealing with five boys. This way of thinking carried over into their working lives and every other aspect of their lives. I guess they were activists, though they may not have even known what that meant. They were Vermonters and Vermonters treat people fairly. It really is the easiest way.


If you do not mind the suggestion and, if you do not already have such an account, in the future if you were to create a Seesmic account and, then set it up to post directly from your phone after you record such videos, you could have these videos posted online sooner; including having both the title and a link to it automatically posted to your Twitter account, since there is the means to do so using the Seesmic settings. Afterwards, one can then embed the videos within a blog post. Seesmic is to online video what Twitter is to both blogging as as well as social networking tools. In fact, Seesmic is geared toward creating conversations, as people can respond with videos replies of their own within a given thread. Seesmic is a lot easier to use as one simply records straight from Seesmic and then, once it is ready to go, publishes it quickly; or, one can also record a video and edit it and then upload the video as well of course. Seesmic is perfect for the short videos you posted, as they are all under 5 minutes in length and most of them much shorter than that.

Thanks for the suggestion, Morgan, but I actually took these using a Flip Mino, which is not a phone. I don't currently have a cellphone, because I can't afford an iPhone, and I'm in denial about that.

Ross: It was a pleasure meeting you today -- you forge a certain bond with people when you stand next to them in a hot, crowded room for half an hour or so. Thanks for chiming in here. Well said.

Am grateful for your report. Thanks. Was just down at the local Cumby's and saw the Free Press headline about the Gov's "rebuff" to the people yesterday. For all his talk about reaching out to younger Vermonters, how could he be so deaf to Aaron, whom you interviewed in the first video.

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