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April 20, 2009

VIDEO: Burlington Pillow Fight Flash-Mob

The after work crowd flooding the Church St Marketplace Friday were treated to an unexpected show when a pillow fight erupted in front of the mall.  A whistle signaled the start of the Burlington Pillow Fight Flash-Mob which was over as suddenly as it began. 

Police arrested organizer Darin Cassler who was released later that day.  Who knew pillows could cause so much trouble?  In case you missed it, here is the video.

And if you care to see it from another angle, Geoff Golder posted this video.

The Facebook page promoting this event listed the rules as follows:

Bring a pillow and a container in which to conceal it. Assemble on the street as if you were loitering, do not acknowledge anyone else participating. Our host will shout 'pillow fight' and we will all spontaneously break into a big miasma of feathers and pillows.

+ Soft pillows only!
+ Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once.
+ Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
+ Remove glasses beforehand!
+ The event is free and appropriate for all ages.
+ Wait until the signal to begin.
+ This event is more fun with feathers!

Pillow fight flash mobs and Chocolate Rain at Blurt. You guys are partying like it's 2006 over there! :)

Oh yeah, we know how to stay up to date! Next I'll be posting Lonely Girl vids cause she seems like such a nice teenager and her dad is so controlling, what gives?

This just posted by the Pillow Fight organizer who was arrested on Facebook:

Darin Cassler at 12:02pm April 20
It's not a fine - criminal charges for disorderly conduct. Everyone seems to assume that a.) they just released me or b.) they fined me - but it was c.) court date and possible jail time.

Darin Cassler at 12:12pm April 20
Yes, we all will be fighting it. Think about the implications to individual liberty! What has our city become when art, games, smiles and laughter are considered criminal activity?

It's a sad day when Burlington police decide that a harmless festivity is illegal. No one was hurt, there were no windows broken nor trash left behind. An arrest for disorderly conduct - for a pillow fight among people that were instructed to hit (gently) only people with a pillow in their hand? Geesh. Given the state of the economy we're lucky they weren't slinging something more volatile! I think a bit of harmless venting was quite appropriate.

I thought it was a "Flash Mob." Where's the flashing?

Next up, the Snuggie Pub Crawl! (Officially endorsed by the House of LeMay, I might add.

LOL, Haik.

Thanks Eva for the videos and the reporting. - Jay Vos

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