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May 01, 2009

CCTV Rewind

Center_for_media_and_democracy Last night CCTV Center for Media & Democracy celebrated  its 25th anniversary with a party at Main Street Landing's Film House. Snacks, a silent auction and live music courtesy of the Gordon Stone Band entertained hobnobbing guests in the lobby before everyone filed into the auditorium to watch footage from Nat Ayer's "impeccably catalogued" collection: meetings, demonstrations, talk shows and press conferences--pretty much a who's who of the past quarter-century around Burlington. How fun to see what everyone looked like 25 years ago! (Some caught on film--e.g., CCTV's Herb Bloomenthal, reporter Peter Freyne--are no longer with us.)

Moreover, the presentation, introduced by CCTV executive director Lauren-Glenn Davitian and sprinkled with other speakers, highlighted the Ch. 17 folks' important mission: "to protect free speech, public access and open networks in Vermont."  Can I get an amen?

CCTV is showing a series of vintage "Rewind" clips throughout the year; check the website for schedule and other info. Also, mark your calendar for another silver-anniversary gala on June 13 at the Burlington Boathouse, featuring "free speech heroes" and music by Flood in the Fizzy Factory. Oh, and don't hold back on donations. After all, "speech" is free, but the job of documenting it actually costs something. Take it from us.

Thanks, CCTV--here's to your next 25!

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