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May 12, 2009

Kill Your Facebook: Haik Bedrosian's Two-Week Challenge

Kill your facebook Believe it or not, there are still some people in the world who don't like Facebook. I know, right? What are they thinking? How will they find out which "my so called life" character they are? How will they assemble their dream teams to fight off a zombie invasion? How will they reconnect with their first love from summer camp?

But in fact, these people do exist, and BurlingtonPol blogger Haik Bedrosian is hosting a support group for them this week over on his blog.

Haik recently decided that he'd had enough of Facebook, so he deactivated his account. He no longer appears in FB searches — he's been my FB friend for awhile, but I just checked, and he's not there anymore.

Haik also took the additional step of asking FB to permanently delete his information from its servers. That means that all of his information will disappear — if he doesn't log in to Facebook for two weeks. FB administrators, it turns out, really don't want you to take all your information away. They'll delete if for you, but only after you've gone two weeks without logging in, signaling to them that you're serious about your request.

Facebook matrix So Haik has launched his own two-week Facebook challenge, which he's dutifully recording on his blog. He's also posting anti-Facebook art, videos, and links to articles about Facebook and identity theft, Facebook censorship, Facebook infidelity and "Facebook suicide." 

He also says he's ordered a bunch of bumperstickers that say "Kill Your Facebook," and will be offering them for sale when he gets them.

Which is not to say that he's definitely going to delete himself. He's calling this a "challenge" because it's hard for him to do. Here's his post from yesterday:

Yeah. There's no way I'm going to make it. Facebook is too awesome. Plus, my wife is still on there. Yes, being with her in real life is amazing, but it's just not the same as chatting with her in The Matrix. I'll give it another day and see how I feel...

Frankly, I don't think he'll go through with it. But I'm enjoying watching him grapple with the urge.

Today is Day 7, I think. What do you think? Should he go through with it? Should you?

I'd say thanks for the great post, but I find it more dignified to never comment on posts about me.

I've been following Haik's blog and watching his slow devolution. I guess for some who can't restrict their time on FB it makes sense. But you can adjust your privacy settings to be invisible, if that's what one is looking for. Also, once it's up and running, with updates coming to my iPhone, I can reply and comment without having to visit my computer.

I think Haik'll be back. If he can make it the 14 days!

The upside of Facebook goes way beyond the novelty that can be addicting. First, I have reconnected with a dozen friends that I might never have spoken to again. Second, the fact that we *can* easily be found can free us from less practical contact schemes. Case in point, my pal Bev says that she is likely to give up the land line that she has been clinging to so that old friends can still find her. Why? Because FB is the new standard for finding old friends. Go Bev! Don't do it Haik.

Maybe there's a reason they're your "old" friends.

Resurrecting people from your past to keep in a neat little box has a certain creepiness. The original friendship is over, but you're maintaining an undead zombie-friendship through the black magic of facebook re-animation. It's unholy.

I'm so with you Haik! Good luck! I hope you make it! I've never been on Facebook and never will be. Anyone who knows me and wants to keep in touch has my phone number and email. Everyone else doesn't need to know what I'm up to - especially people I haven't seen since we were 8. Even my dad was guilt tripping me for a while, trying to get me to join facebook to see his vacation pics. I told him to stop being lazy and to post them on picasa or something and email me the link. And if he doesn't want to, screw it, I don't need to see photos every time he posts them anymore than I need to see photos of the girl I played soccer with at age 8. (With my dad, I'll see them in person whenever I next visit anyways!) If only people would spend more time with in-person friends and waste less energy on their zombie-friends... Ha, there's my rant. Cheers and keep it up! -R

Thanks Rachel! It's support from folks like you that will help me succeed in the 'facebook 2 week challenge!"

Keeping my zombie-friends in a creepy little box seems perfectly reasonable. Just sayin.

So glad to hear people spreading the word. I deleted mine 13 months ago and couldnt be happier.

And I never understood "making yourself invisible". The whole point of facebook is to BE visible. If you are going to go INvisible, why not just delete it?

Thanks for your patience. The stickers are for sale now here:

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