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June 30, 2009

Best Bites: Duke's Creemees

160 River Street, Route 7, Milton, 309-3179160 River Street, Route 7, Milton, 309-3179

Summer 2009 003 I eat out a lot, and I also happen to live with a man who wants to go out for ice cream every night. That combination leads to a certain amount of malaise. Chocolate and vanilla creemees just don't cut it anymore. We need our soft-serve to be bigger, brighter, crazier. That’s why we make the trip to Milton, where we can get our frozen ya-yas out at Duke’s Creemees.

You might not spot it with a perfunctory drive-by — there's no sign. Look for Scales & Tails pet shop, then look at that tiny window with the picture of a creemee in front of it. Bingo.

On my last visit, I went with the delightfully pink Strawberry-almond creemee. It’s one of six strawberry varieties on the menu, from strawberry banana to strawberry colada. Of course, the selections aren’t all straight from the patch. There are 79 flavors, which come in only one very large size, and at one ridiculously low price — $1.90.

My all-time favorite is the Mint Chocolate Chip, a bracing mixture filled with tiny chips. That’s right – a creemee with chunks. You can get a cone of Chocolate Butterfinger or Oreo Mint with a smooth creemee texture. None of that Blizzard business for us.

I’m not crazy for candy, so my short list includes unique flavors such as Black Forest, Banana Rocky Road and Cocoa Kahlua. Care to join me for a cone of Blueberry Cheesecake?

Honestly, Dairy Creme has the best creemee's I've ever had in this state. Big, rich with unique flavors and cheap!

No, no, no. A real creemee only comes in three flavors — possibly four, if you're really stretching it. Those are vanilla, chocolate, vanilla/chocolate swirl, and possibly maple.

A strawberry-almond soft serve cone sounds nice. But it isn't a creemee.

Green Tea flavor?

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