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June 02, 2009

Shay Totten Reporting LIVE From the Special Session at the Statehouse

Governor Jim Douglas vetoed the budget. Will the Democrats in the Legislature have enough votes to override?

Shay Totten is reporting live from the Statehouse, posting quotes and news to his Twitter feed. Click here to follow him on Twitter.

Here are a few of his frequent 140-character updates:

For readers at home, Gov. Jim Douglas veto of #VT Yankee decommissioning bill will not be taken up today

#VT House budget debate continues with Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Canaan) inquiring on exemptions ... House in recess for 2 mins (coffee!)

Rep. Clark (R-Vergennes): #vt tax burden is bring VTers to their knees

Rep. Zuckerman: While I don't like this #vt budget and voted against it, as it compromised too far. The alt is worse.

Rep. Kilmartin: #vt state or teaching job in NEK is 6th heaven, Fed job is 7th heaven. So, lawyer is ... a special circle of hell?

Upstate NY Rep Mike McHugh tapped as Army Secretary, live on WPTZ NewsChannel 5 now:

For folks on Facebook, come on over to the Fair Game page and discuss today's #vt budget session: #fb

In case you missed it, Shay's live tweeting of the gay marriage debate got some good press a while back.

so it appears 100 of the most wealthy , or most likely to die soon legislators have voted to override the budget veto.

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