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July 02, 2009

Mazza Fields...Forever?

Last Thursday was close to unbearable as far as the office life goes, with unbelievable clear blue skies making an appearance and air of 80-plus degrees Fahrenheit. A true Vermont summer day. Needless to say, the Seven Days intern squad reacted with glee when tasked with undertaking a strawberry-picking adventure at Mazza Farms. We jumped into a couple cars and made the 15-minute drive through Winooski and out to Colchester, where Mazza can be found on Lavigne Road.

Mazza’s Farmers Market is only the gateway to the road to the strawberry fields, where families and veterans were picking clean rows upon rows of strawberry plants. We were told the best berries were in the northern region of the field. On the way, we met up with a couple of happy faces who were able to tell us a little more about the spirit of the fields (check out the video). We all learned something during our trek, especially regarding mutant fruit.

The intern crew was able to grab three quarts of their own strawberries to take home for under eight bucks. The dankness. We also stopped in to the farmers market before leaving and found some beverages and eats made locally that none of us had ever heard of. Some taste testing confirmed the trip as well worth a Thursday afternoon. When the next perfect summer day shows up, head north to Sam Mazza’s Farm and start picking.


Is it just me, or do strawberries not sound that appealing when followed by the word "dankness?" That brings to mind strawberries that have been sitting in the back of the fridge since since they were picked three months ago. Maybe I'm just old.

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