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July 29, 2009

Senator Flanagan Suspended From YMCA for Alleged Lewd Behavior

EdFlanagan State Senator Ed Flanagan is back in the news again today. From today's "Fair Game," by Shay Totten:

Back in May, Seven Days published a controversial cover story about Democratic Chittenden County Senator Ed Flanagan. In the article, entitled “Continuing Ed,” staff writer Ken Picard chronicled Flanagan’s peculiar behavior under the Golden Dome — from sorting candies on his committee room desk to laying prone on the floor — in the wake of a traumatic brain injury he suffered in 2005. The article raised questions about Flanagan’s ability to serve effectively as a lawmaker.

Two months later, Flanagan announced his intention to run for lieutenant governor in 2010.

It looks like Flanagan, who served for eight years as state auditor, won’t be campaigning at the local gym. This week the Greater Burlington YMCA suspended Flanagan’s membership after two patrons witnessed him masturbating in the men’s wellness center — an adults-only locker room that includes a sauna, steam room, showers, whirlpool and a limited selection of fitness equipment.

Senator Flanagan denies the allegations, calling them "totally bizarre and untrue."

Click here for the rest of Shay's column.

WPTZ did a piece on it, too, featuring an interview with Flanagan, and YMCA president and CEO Mary Burns.

Photo by Jeb Wallace-Brodeur.

Floyd Nease for Lt. Gov 2010.

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