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July 23, 2009

Summer Reading List

"What's Good," the guide of all guides — the creme de la creme — the bane of our intern existence — goes to press tomorrow. With great pride, we say goodbye to the hours spent in the "morgue" at the Seven Days office, finding the dankest of dank places for our readers to explore. We have squeezed all of our brains dry coming up with places to go, people to see, and words to know.

So, rather than making you wait with breath that is bated for "What's Good" to hit the stands, we've asked the workers at Vermont parks and ferries to tell us what they're reading while they sit in their huts collecting cash from cars.

When we headed out on this adventure to create a "summer reading list" recommended from Burlington Parks and Recreation workers and ferry watchers, we assumed that everyone would be reading books. Call us naive, but we figured books were the only option for these folks. We were, however, proved wrong. It seems us millennials (the technologically savvy born around 1985-1992) do more than flip pages. Equipped with iPods, X-Boxes and laptops, they are having more of a multimedia experience than we expected. 

Ben Resnik is a 17-year-old Burlington High School senior working at Oakledge Park in Burlington, collecting cash from beach goers who want to park their cars. We found him (his current mood: "chillin") listening to Masta Ace on his iPod. His summer read recommendations are "The DaVinci Code," and "Angels and Demons." He says that he could "probably read [a book] in a shift or two."

Matt Ratliff, 19 from Peru, NY, was collecting cash from cars at the Charlotte Ferry. He wasn't reading, though. He brings his X-Box to work to watch movies. Games, he says, are against the rules. His mood was "relaxed," while he watched Troy (the one with Brad Pitt, he clarified). He also recommends "28 Days Later," and "Super Troopers."

Dustin Norton, 22 from Platsburgh, NY was working the Grand Isle Ferry watching "Apocalypto" on his wide screen laptop. He brings "20-30 dvds to work at one time," but today, he only brought three. His summer flick picks include "Beer Fest," and "Role Models." A typical multi-tasker of our generation, Dustin was also reading while on the job. His book recommendation: "Hit List" by Lawrence Block. His current mood: hot.

So, we place great trust in these hardworking cash collectors for things to occupy our minds during the remaining weeks of summer, and we tip our hats to them, for being patient with patrons and finding innovative ways to have fun on the job.

Great article! Fun with insight into the goings-on up in Vermont with the "millenies"

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