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August 27, 2009

Gov. Jim Douglas to Announce He's Not Running in 2010

Shortly after meeting with his cabinet this morning, Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas will announce he's not running for reelection in 2010.

Sources confirm that Douglas will make the announcement at 11 a.m. in the governor's ceremonial office at the Statehouse. The governor will also announce that he is not running for any other elective office in 2010.

Word of the press conference spread rapidly this morning on the political grapevine.

My trusty iPhone was buzzing this morning with text messages and emails from Montpelier insiders wondering if the rumors were true: Will Gov. Jim Douglas resign from office today, shortly after meeting with his cabinet?

The conservative blog Vermont Tiger hinted this morning in a blog post that "the news will be big and its political reverberations, lasting."


The Republican governor, now in his fourth term, recently took over as chairman of the National Governor's Association which will put him in touch with the DC beltway on a more frequent basis.

That, coupled with his cozy relationship with Pres. Barack Obama, has led many Vermont Democrats to wonder, if not hope and pray, that Douglas would become another GOP addition to the Obama administration.

Three Democrats have already announced their intentions to run for governor: Secretary of State Deb Markowitz, Former Lt. Governor and current State Sen. Doug Racine, and State Sen. Susan Bartlett.

With Douglas' announcement, could we see more Democrats jump in? Who amongst the GOP will announce a bid for the office?

Developing ...


Vermont Tiger seems to agree that the guv will announce he's not seeking re-election.

Times Argus:
Douglas Will Not Seek Re-Election

Now that other Democrats have done all the hard work, Shumlin will announce that he's running for Gov. I mean, that's only fair, right?

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