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August 03, 2009

Venture Vermont — Groton State Forest

DSCF4815 My family made more progress toward our free Vermont State Parks passes over the weekend. We're doing the Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge. Click on the link to read more about it.

We visited Groton State Forest on Saturday and racked up a bunch of points at New Discovery State Park, Kettle Pond and Seyon Lodge. The first photo is from Seyon Lodge, the second shows a newt (or a salamander?) at Kettle Pond. See it right in the middle there?

DSCF4849 Click here to download your own Venture Vermont score sheet and get started. You need 250 points to get a free parks pass. I think I've got about 200 so far. The newt/salamander critter was only worth 1 point, but it was still pretty awesome to see it.

It's an Eastern Newt (but newts are a type of salamander). Have you ever found those little bitty unbelievably cute orange salamanders in the woods in nice, wet mossy places? Those are called efts and they are the juveniles of what you saw in the water there.

Isn't Groton State Forest the best? That is awesome that you camped there - my personal favorite place in VT!

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