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September 01, 2009

Hatin' with the Phelpses- part 2

8:32 a.m.- Ok, I'm freezing my sweet ones off with all this hatin'. I'm wondering if the Phelpses brought the chill with them from Kansasss.

Things have been pretty amusing thus far. Here are the highlights:

- As I was taking pictures on the sidewalk in front of the hate clan, I was called a brut and told to get off the sidewalk. Shirls was all like "Just because you're a dyke doesn't mean you can block the sidewalk." Ok, so how did she know I was gay? She has some pretty finely tuned gaydar for a breeder.

- Props to the Montpelier High School students who came out to counterprotest, especially the fellow sans shirt and the girl with braces who called them "media sluts." Love it.

- Many people have driven by and screamed out the windows at the Phelpses. They seem unfazed by it. Like when the guy in the pickup truck yelled "Fuck you and fuck Jesus, too" they didn't even balk. They just kept on singing their hate tunes. Brills.

- Shirls is a pretty awesome lyricist. She's like Bernie Taupin, only she hates fags. And she's bankrupt. Anyway, she's all singing up some craziness to the Beatles "Let it be," changing the words to blah, blah, blah, thank god for dead soldiers or some such nonsense.

- Bake sale!!!! Some kids organized a bakesale outside of the statehouse during the picket. If I had more than two nickels to rub together, I totally would have noshed on one of those love cupcakes. It'd certainly be better than Shirls' bitch burgers.

- Awesome quote from Shirls: "Whenever God smacks you, we'll be there." Um, how can God smack me? He doesn't have any hands. Or arms.

More pics:


What is Santa's Little Helper doing on her sign?


This is what Vermont looks like.

Nice to have some blurts to read so I can avoid seeing this in person.

That said, I have to give some big props to my Mom (joelen mulvaney) who is in the second photo holding the "we love you no matter who you are." She represents the yippee wing of PFLAG here in VT. Proud to have a proud mom. :)

Also, can I just ask why folks are donating out of state in response to the Phelps visit? What happened to buying local? GLAD is great, but Outright Vermont, RU12?, VT CARES, local VA clinics and hospitals (all the types of non-profit orgs who protect and represent the populations that the Phelps trash) are right here in Vermont. Do a google search, find their websites and toss them some change.

In solidarity,
DJ Llu

Ya Joelen! Way to go, wish I could be up there helping you out. Keep it peaceful :)

From Mass,
Joe Black

OMG! Did she steal her sign from the "what if you had been born a man" episode's Lois in DTWOF?

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