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September 01, 2009

Hatin' with the Phelpses- part 1

Today the great state of Vermont is being visited by Kansian hatemongers, the Westboro Baptist Church. As expected, the morning got off to a rollicking start full of singing and hating and flag-stomping. Fun for the whole family, including 7 y.o. Luke Phelps-Roper, ringleader Shirley Phelps-Roper's 11th child, who has been shivering his hate-filled socks off for the past 40 minutes.

8:03 a.m.- The Phelpses have just taken up their station in front of the Statehouse. They are joined by about 100 counterprotesters wearing everything from clown suits to God getups. It's pretty sweet. I asked Phelps-Roper what a "Bitch Burger" is and she talked to me about p eople in California eating their babies eyeballs. Cool. Here are some pics:

This is what child abuse looks like.

This is what balls looks like.

Ok, I'm going to get back to the hating. More later.

PS- Shirley is a mad-good singer. I'm going get one of her albums.

More later.

I wonder why it is that mainstream Xian churches try to distance themselves from the Phelps even though they do pretty much the same thing.

I don't think that's fair to lump all Christian churches in together like that. There are some that perform gay marriages and commitment ceremonies. And there are plenty of gay Christians out there.

Honestly, I sometimes think that someone on the left must be paying the Phelpses. Are these people for real? They don't advance their cause; they damage it. Surely some brainy liberal must be funding these antics.

i recommend u read the sodom&gomorra story in the bible. it`s short,google it...
there are some VERY sick cristian family values championed:
incest, gang rape of virgins and alcoholism are the most blatant.
the only reference on why sodom-ites got an homo reputation, sufficient to destroy the whole population, women&children included, is their request to meet the strangers, to get to know them. Lot couter-proposal is perverse.
i think there is PLENTY of material in that short story to shame those christians off the street and out of their religion...unless, off course, all those stories of appalachy inbreeding are really christianity`s true face:(

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